Important Tips to Drive Safely on Dubai Roads

Important Tips to Drive Safely on Dubai Roads post thumbnail image

The quality of the streets of this city is very good and tourists of luxury and up-to-date monthly car lease can enjoy driving in this beautiful city. In the past, the number of traffic violations in Dubai was very high, so the traffic fines in this city are heavy for many violations. For example, a fine for parking a car in a restricted parking area may be up to 1000 dirhams. Prohibited park fines must be paid within a maximum of 1 to 2 weeks. The speed limit in Dubai is between 60 and 80 kilometers per hour and for main roads is around 100 to 120 kilometers per hour. The fine for speeding in Dubai is 200 dirhams.

Basically do not trust the car, even if we are riding the best car. But what is the nature of the car: “Pieces of iron placed on four pieces of inflated tires.” This nature is never reliable; So unreliable that it has killed many of its occupants so far. Let’s think about this a little.

Driving cautiously and confidently is a sign of distinct human beings. The phrase “I walked a certain road in a short time” is neither an art nor a sign of good command, but can be a sign of disregard for one’s own life and the lives of others, a foolishness in every sense.

The continuous line in the middle of the road has been drawn by road experts who specialize in this, after technical inspections in some parts of the road, and it means that due to the “turn or uphill of the road”, your vision is limited and at any moment A car appears from the front and a collision occurs face to face before any reaction. Do not cross the continuous line and do not overtake illegally.

Do not drive drowsy. Sleep is stronger than all of us, and its trick is to surprise us in a moment we do not think about. A little rest in a safe place by the road is the best opponent of drowsiness.

The stupidest thing is to set a course and complete the whole road. Let them overtake us and go, the road that is not our personal property. Relax and laugh.

Many accidents have occurred as a result of family quarrels in the car. Keeping the driver calm is a vital part of the occupants.

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Important Tips to Drive Safely on Dubai Roads - truckers

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